Saturday, May 2, 2015

Same Stencil Design - Two Sizes

The Crafter's Workshop stencils come in two sizes 12x12 and 6x6.
I like to have each design in both sizes especially the background stencils.
With the same stencil in two sizes you can create many backgrounds for tags, cards, art journals, paintings, scrapbooks and many others.

I love to create layers and layers but I love the repeating patterns.

The Believe Script stencil is one of my favorite new stencils from The Crafter's Workshop.
I love the writing.

I'm using Dina Wakely's Heavy Body Acrylic Paints for this tag.
When using paint you have to remember less is more.
If you use too much it will go underneath the stencil.
Remember to tab into the paint with the cosmetic sponge and tab some of the paint off.
The sponge will hold lots of paint.

As long as you use the "less is more" technique the stencil pattern will look nice and clean.
I use this technique the most but there are times were I like it to look messy so I will use more paint.

Here is my tag only using the 12x12 Believe Script stencil.
I rotated the stencil in different directions to create this background.

Looking at the tag I decided I needed to soften the boldness of the colors a little.
I do this all the time with my layers I create and it doesn't cover it up.
You still see all the layers.

I take a stencil with a large amount of negative space.
I used the Mini Rock Crystals stencil with white paint to soften the background.

Then I added black acrylic paint through the Mini Believe Script stencil in spots here and there on the tag. I love the repeating patterns of the same stencil. It gives the tag a lot of depth.
I love the way this background turned out.
I'm off to create more!!

Here is the list of my supplies:

Makeup Sponge

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  1. Nice! Love how you came back with the white to soften it. I also love those stencils!! Holy moly ,my list keeps growing-please keep your aliens to yourself! heehee


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