Thursday, October 13, 2016

SCRAPTOBERFEST 2016! 12 Hour Scrapbooking Event for Breast Cancer

Scraptobertfest is a breast cancer event to raise money for immediate needs for those with breast cancer such as wigs, prosthesis, etc. No money go towards research, it goes directly to those brave fighters of this awful disease.
This event is a 12 hour scrapbooking event.
Many participants have been coming to the event for over 10 years.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.
Lots, and lots of raffle prizes.
The best part is everything from food, raffle prizes, t-shirts, etc. is 100% donated. Amazing!
This is year we had four venders which donated a portion of their sales.  Here is a picture of the room in full swing.
This year we had scrapbookers, digital scrapbookers, card makers, knitters, and a couple of crafters making wreaths.

Although I'm one of the volunteers,  I also pay for a spot to create art. I usually make cards but I mostly walk around talking to everyone. Running here and there.
This year, although I wasn't in too much pain with my back (herniated disc), if felt better walking around so I only created these.
An Alice collage that is not finished.
And these two tags
It was a fun event and one I look forward to every year.
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Crafter's Workshop has Mixed Media Goodies!!!

Hi Everyone!
The Crafter's Workshop has new Mixed Media Mediums and they are lots of fun to work with.

I used the gel for an image transfer. I printed out my photo of a ferris wheel, added gel medium to my canvas and adhered the photo. When it was dry, I sprayed it with water and gently rubbed off the paper.

Although the gel medium is gloss it doesn't come through that way with the image transfer.

You can also use it as glue. Its what I used to attached the birds.

You can see more uses for the gel medium by reading my post on The Crafter's Workshop Blog.

Here is the finished piece.

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Don't forget to checkout more uses for the gel medium by clicking HERE!

The Crafter's Workshop provided me with stencils and mediums to create this project.
The opinions I share are solely my own because I do love to use them.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

From Art Journal to Canvas #2

Hi Everyone!
Due to a back injury, I haven't been able to create very much art until the last few weeks. I haven't been able to sit on my art room chair long enough to complete anything. My back issues have been around since I was little. This time I've been struggling since July 15th; physical therapy, medications, etc. and I'm finally starting to feel human. I've tried to paint or play in my art journal while I'm partially laying down, but pain has a way of stopping all creativity.
So for now, I'll be sharing with you what I've been up to but there will be no step by step processes. 
First, my art journal spread was using leftover TCW Gel Medium from my craft sheet and the new Daisy Chain stencil. I finished it off with paint in blues and purples and TCW Gold Gesso.
I decided to try to duplicate it on a canvas.
This took a few days. I couldn't sit very long at times when I had physical therapy.
It was created the same way as the journal spread but I used the new Infinite Lace stencil and TCW Modeling Paste

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with stencils to create this project.
The opinions I share are solely my own because I do love to use them
That's it for now.
Although I haven't been around here on the my blog, I have posted a few creations on my Instagram account (@karenlizhenderson).
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Friday, August 12, 2016

DecoArt Under The Sea Challenge

DecoArt Under The Sea Challange.

This was so much fun to create and so far outside my comfort zone. 

Here are the products I used.

DecoArt Products: Americana Multisurface, Media Fluid Acrylics, Americana Decou-page, Liquid Glass, Gesso, Dazzling Metallica.

Graphics by: Laura Carson of Artfully Musing and Alphastamps 
Freubels-freebies, and

I would have never been able to finish this if it wasn't for a great teacher, Jackie P. Neal. 

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Art Journal Cover with Sweet Posey Stencil

Hi Everyone!
I have a lower back issue so I haven't been able to sit in my art room for any length of time yet. Hopefully soon.

Today I thought I would share with you an art journal cover I created for The Crafter's Workshop.

The stencil I used is called Sweet Posey and you can buy it from

Very simple cover but I love the way it came out.

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