Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Bucket of Tags: Its Time to Use them

I have this bucket of tags that I have used for mopping up paints, inks, etc.
Many different mediums, lots of tags.

I decided that I need to start using them. 
I closed my eyes and picked this one.

It has a real cool background.
Not sure how I created it.
I decided to leave the background alone.
Here is another close up of the tag.

All I used is watered down acrylic inks for the bird, black acrylic paint and glass beads to finish the tag. The beads are iridescent so they pick up the colors on the bird.

Here is the finished tag.

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  1. Wow, love it Karenliz!! Pretty doggone good for off the cuff drawing and crafting! I need to do more of that! Sometimes I over think! LOL Love it! :)

  2. What an "artsy" tag, Karenliz! Love the addition of the glass beads, especially for the bird. So much lovely texture! By the way, Marjie Kemper sent me over--so glad she did!

  3. Beautiful, Karenliz! I came over from Marjie Kemper's to take a closer look at this beautiful tag :) I just love seeing creations embellished with micro beads and this tag is just lovely! Such a clever way to create interest and texture and color! So nice to make your acquaintance, Karenliz!! XOXO-Shari

  4. I love your tag.....the beads are a standout.

  5. I just came over from Marjie's blog to see more of your wonderful creation - the beads look absolutely amazing - such a clever idea! Anne x

  6. It's a fabulous tag, Karenliz, and lovely to see you over on Marjie's blog!!!


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