Friday, February 1, 2013

Believe You Are Enough

Silhouettes are very popular right now. There are many new products coming this year that look like fun to play with especially all the stencils/masks out this year.  I decided to pick up old magazines from my office and pull out pictures of models in different poses to use for silhouettes. This one is a model wearing a beautiful wedding gown. I used some stencil material and traced her out and used an xacto knife and cut her out. I can use her in many ways not just as a silhouette so you will be seeing more of her.

I accidentally spilled white ink all over my table and this canvas. It's amazing what drying time and more paint can do to fix a mistake. Ohh I forgot there are no mistakes in art!
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  1. Wow...Love this! I've recently used the same technique of magazine cutouts as masks/stencils...very versatile. This is truly beautiful!

  2. I agree with Julie, WOW this is beautiful!!! Love the saying and I think that it is so true. If we had faith in out world lol!!

  3. I agree with Julie, WOW this is beautiful!! I really agree with the saying as if we had total faith in out world lol!!


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