Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Expect Great Things

I am finding that I have my hands into so many different ways of creating art that I can't pinpoint just two.  Lately I see to gravitate toward mixed media on canvas. I have four in different stages right now. This one was something completely different when I started it.  I love the layers of letters in the background.  Once I layed the letters and put a layer of tissue paper on top, I painted it with Gesso then I had to walk away. My mojo just left.  This sat for weeks until I picked it up again and found pieces of this and that on my table. With all those scraps I ended up creating a small collage on it.

Here is a close up of the collage and the layers.
I added a layer of gel medium on top and I thought it was dry and I flipped it over to use a brayer on the other side to make sure everything was down on the canvas. Well, it stuck and when I pulled it up it made lovely holes in some of the college. I loved it.  It was just what it needed, in my opinion.
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  1. So beautiful! I'm like you flitting from one thing to the next... isn't it great?


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