Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Watercolors

I have been playing with watercolors and decided to try them through stencils. I love all the soft colors.  I used watercolor paints and Neocolor Artist Crayons.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an online watercolor class? I would love to learn to do more. I will keep playing but you can never learn to much about it. 
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  1. This is really pretty - a nice "pick-me-up" when I saw it in my blog reading list this morning. A great reminder that spring will come.:)

    I love watercolors (though I haven't done much with them in recent years). I don't know about on-line classes, but I've learned a lot from books on the subject. You can sometimes find them pretty reasonably priced - or you might find some in your local library.

  2. Gorgeous, love the soft blues and greens!


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