Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best Medicine: A Hug

I love this little picture of the little girl and teddy bear it's so cute. I bought Crafty Secrets Creative Scraps from The Funkie Junkie Boutique.  They have so many different items to use on the scrap sheets that it lasts for a long time. Love them.

I am currently going through a pile of canvas that I've either painted or started a project but never finished.  Once a week I'm going to take one, paint over it and start something new. This one I started a couple months ago with a great idea and started it with yellows and reds but had to walk away and when I came back the idea was gone! Happen to you?  I decided to paint it Robbin's egg blue, add some stencils, paper, embellishments and it was done.

I pulled most of the embellishments out of my box full of little pieces of this and that. I keep it on my desk and throw leftovers in it to use on another project. What do you do with all your little leftovers?
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  1. Yes, I have ideas and then they slip away half gone through...this is the sweetest page ever! Love the pic and colors used! The quote is perfect.