Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Storm Nemo 2013

No art to show you today. I thought I would share my pictures of Winter Storm Nemo. It's amazing what Mother Nature can do!

Here are pictures in date and time order. If you click on them it should enlarge them.

This is what it looked like outside my front door Friday around 12:45 pm. It has been sleeting since 6:30 am and very slippery and it just started to snow and cover the ice.

The blizzard winds started around 8:30pm here and it was snowing so hard.  When it's windy I can't sleep because of a large willow tree in my backyard. Every time I hear a creak I would wake up. So I thought I would take pictures while I was up. 
This was taking Saturday morning at 1:40 am.
Around 6:30 am Saturday morning my husband wants to start shoveling. We opened the door and saw this.
We have three steps down to the ground but all you can see it snow all the way to the neighbor's house across the street.
Here is what it looked like to the left of our house.
In the front of our house.
This is a picture of my husband. Keep in mind he is 6' 2" and he said he's still standing on a layer of ice and snow. You still can't see the last step.
The houses you see behind my husband are all owned by the same family for some reason they decided and their car cut stuck.  They left it and walked back home.
This is looking to the right of our house.
Its about 11:30 am Saturday morning. My husband is still shoveling. You can see all the way up the sheet is nothing but snow.  Who knows when we will get plowed out.
Here is another shot to the right of our house looking at our street. 
The family owns the three house across the street used their snow blower to create a path to the houses.  Eventually they used the snow blower to create a path the their car and backed it up into the driveway.
I hope all those affected by this storm are all safe and toasty warm!
Have a great day!
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  1. OH WOW!! I hope you all are staying warm and toasty too!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your Dylusions tip with me. Take care and stay safe!!

  2. Wow! That's crazy! I wish I was there!


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