Friday, June 13, 2014

Live In The Moment - No Mojo?

I've been out of my art room for a few days and I'm having such a hard time getting my mojo back.
I've been struggling. Frustrated. You all know what I mean.
I decided to at least to try to play with a tag.
It's small and it already had paints and molding paste on it.
Easy right? NOPE!
Then as I was pushing things away a medal word band fell off the table and hit a small glass object on the floor (yes, I put it there instead of putting it where it belongs) and it broke.
As I cleaned it up and read the band and realize it was right.
At that moment I did not want to create anything.
I needed a little vacation from creating.
Need to rejuvenate my creativity.
So I made this tag.
I did struggle with it.
But wanted to make it to remind myself that it's okay.
My mojo will come back.
My mojo is finally starting to come back.
I still feel a little unsettled but that usually means there are changes coming.
I started writing down projects in my head because I know I want remember them.
I even treated myself to some new supplies all on sale.
So stay turned you never know what my mojo and I will come up with!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. This looks great! I'd love to see when your mojo is fully back! :)

  2. The mojo happens when the mojo happens.... Mojo always make me think of our beloved Rottweiler who has been gone many years now. Her name was Morgan but my nickname for her was Mojo... lol ! Your mojo will come back... just go with the flow! Hugs! deb

  3. Love this tag Karen
    your colors are so mmmmm dreamy and great elements!


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