Monday, June 13, 2011

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Salutations! Ever since my daughter's second dance recital I decided to make all her bouquets. Her first recital I bought a silk flower bouquet but then looking at it I decided it was something that I can do. After that I made all her bouquets. She is all grown up but now I make them for my god-daughter.  It was her dance recital this weekend.   Here is her bouquet (a side and front view).

My god-daughter's grandfather died a couple of years ago and they grew sunflowers together and they were very close. Now when I make her a bouquet I make sure to add sunflowers.

The easiest part is picking out the flowers that I want to use. I walk into the store and walk around and around the flowers trying to decide which ones to use. Finally a flower catches my eye and I know that's the one I will start with and it also ends up being the most expensive flower! Thank goodness for coupons! The hardest part is putting the bouquet together. I never usually like the first one and have to take it apart and try it again. It's like making a card, you know when it's right. It goes the same way for anything I make.

I hope you like my bouquet! It was fun to make.

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  1. How pretty! I love the colors. I would totally do this also if there were any flower stores around where I live. I guess my pocketbook should be thankful there are no flower stores around. :D


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