Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Art Journals, Do you have one?

Salutations! Another one of my favorite things to do is art journals. I have a couple that I just doodle in or play with watercolors, etc. when I'm sitting in front of the TV.  I have one that I started a few weeks ago that I've done more with.  I thought over time I would show you a page. 

I have not started to journal on them yet. I'm just having fun making the backgrounds. I've been keeping a file on my computer of all these prompts that I can use. For this journal, I may use a few prompts to start but I'm not sure yet.

Here is a page that I used the numbers template from Crafters Workshop with sprays and acrylic paints. I may add a few more things but right now I like it the way it is. I keep a basket with words and pictures from magazines to add to my journal pages. Its amazing what you find in magazines. I love to find words that I can use in a short sentence especially when different fonts are used.

I've always kept a regular journal. I don't always write in it everyday and sometimes it will be weeks before I open it again.  With an art journal I find it's easier to write down my feelings, ideas, and opinions. I find I'm more true to myself. Do you write in a regular journal or an art journal? Try an art journal its so much fun.

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