Saturday, September 8, 2012

They have hair!!!

Today I have a journal page to show for Julie's Art Journal Every Day.  The photograph are real flowes taken in the gardens in Chicago. I do not know their name. If anyone knows please leave me a comment.

This page had a funny ending to it.  I was all done with the page and started cleaning up. As I was putting away inks and fluid acrylics I reached for the India ink and didn't realize I didn't close it.  Well I don't really know what happened but it knocked over and I tried to pick it up before it spilled. I did reach the bottle but the top flew. I realized that I had a few drops of ink on a few things in my art room and table BUT most of it landed on my finished journal page. It bounced a few times on the table and this is what it created on my journal page.

I love happy accidents!
Have you had any happy accidents?
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  1. What a perfct happy accident! Those black splotches bring a little extra to the page-makes it pop! No idea what kind of flower that is-sure looks interesting.

  2. I rarely ever plan anything so I have happy accidents all the time. Yours turned out GREAT!

  3. I love it! What a great mistake!


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