Saturday, September 1, 2012

A weed can be beautiful

I have a journal page to show you today. This journal is actually a large leather bound photo book that I found at a tag sale a long time ago.  The pages are heavy duty paper and there is a waxy tissue paper between each page. It's a wonderful journal because I know the pages won't stick together.

I wish I took pictures of my process in making this page. It didn't start out as this at all. I kept experimenting and not liking how it was turning out. There is tons of paper and paint on this page. I will show you a couple of close ups so you can see some of the paint coming through.  I added modeling paste to the page and then covered the whole thing in Gesso.  Once it dried I had a clean slate and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

The photo of the dandelion was one I took and won second place for a competition for a camera club.  Once a month I go through all my photographs and print them on one sheet of photo paper then I store them in my art room to use for projects.
Here is a close of the page. You can see the other paint colors coming through and the texture of the modeling paste.
As I said before I wish I took pictures of the process but when I start a page in my art journal I lose all sense of reality and then it's finished.  This page took me almost 3 hours!
I'm linking this to Julie's Art Journal Every Day. You should go over and take a look at Julie's pages plus every one's who linked up!
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  1. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your pages! When you print the pictures- how do you keep them organized? I am trying to figure how to organize all of the "inspiration" clips, scraps and randoms etc I keep for my creativity and am buried in clutter in my Creative Space!

  2. LOVE the end result of your journal page! The composition is wonderful and the textural elements are fab!


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