Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Growing up my parents didn't let us watch too much TV until we were much older. We had toys, played outside with family and friends, read books, made mud pies, etc.  Using our imaginations was key to keeping ourselves occupied. I still have a great imagination and when I'm waiting in line or doing something so boring my mind wonders and I off to another world.

My daughter also has a great imagination. When she was little she had a few invisible playmates. The first two that showed up was Boy and Girl. No other names but Boy and Girl. Of course when I had to talk to Boy and Girl and tell them that they had leave her alone so she can go to bed I wasn't talking to the right spot. "Mom, they are not there. Why are you talking to the wall?".  There were times where I wanted to yell and scream and other times where I had to walk away laughing so hard.

The other invisible playmate I will always remember. He came from a different world and stayed with her for a little longer than Boy and Girl. One night she wouldn't go to sleep. I would walk in there and she would say it wasn't her fault it was his and point to the end of the bed. Now, when I child truly believes that her playmate is there you start to think maybe she might be going nutty or you're completely blind or too old to believe in the magic.  I would get upset make her lay down and talk to her playmate that he needed to stop. I thought it was Boy but the second time around she informed me that it was her dragon. As her mom I didn't want to act surprised or that it didn't exist because I needed her to go to bed. The third time I was not happy. I walked in the room so mad and she said she couldn't go to sleep because the dragon was jumping on the bed. What can a mother do but make her lay down and grab the dragon with both arms telling her that he can't stay in the room anymore, open her door and walk out. Looking back I laugh so hard at myself. She looked shocked that I did it but she fell asleep. Lets face it you need an imagination to carry you to worlds that never were.  LOL I didn't have to go far!

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