Friday, July 22, 2011

It's a Boy! Baby Shower Card

Salutations! My niece is having a baby and it's a boy!  Her mom gave her a baby shower and we all pitched in and bought her a stroller, baby carrier system thing. You need instructions to figure out how it open it and use it!  Strollers were so much easier to use when my daughter was a baby.  Anyways, I made this card for everyone to sign.

Again, I made my own background paper with templates, stamps, paint and ink.  The dictionary paper is from an actual dictionary (someone was going to throw them out) with definitions of baby and other words that start with the word baby.  The background stamp (Hush Little Baby) is a very old stamp. It's a stamp from the Personal Stamp Exchange, a.k.a. PSX.  As many of us know that company is no longer in existence and their stamps are coveted by many stampers. I have sold quite a few but I do have special PSX stamps that I will not give up like this stamp. The baby shoe stamp is from Stampendous and I have had it for years.

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  1. Such a sweet card KarenLiz. It came out wonderful. I agree that strollers have become quite the contraptions and they continue to get more and more complicated each year they make them.


  2. Very nice card. Definitely one your niece will treasure forever. You are right about the changes in baby stuff! Back in the day, a stroller was a stroller was a stroller - now you need a degree to understand the instructions! LOL

  3. Very cute card, Karen. Love that you made the background yourself - and very creative use of the dictionary page! Wish I had some stamps like the ones you used!


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