Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clouds, Clouds, Clouds!

Salutations! I thought I would share with you some photographs of some clouds. I know weird! I love clouds. When I was little my mother and brother would take me outside and lay on the grass to look up at the sky full of fluffy white clouds. We would play a game and try to find shapes in the clouds. You know you played it too!  I still do that to this day. 

These shots I took because the clouds were in such a strange formation. The pictures don't do them any justice or shall I say the photographer didn't but when I looked up at the sky they were amazing.


Outside my bedroom window.

Thispicture I took not because the clouds looked strange but because you can see them in the reflection of the building. 

Okay thats enough clouds for now! I hope you enjoyed my photographs.

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  1. Very cool. I love the one outside your bedroom window with all the pink!!


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