Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vacation in Chicago

Hi Everyone!
Today I have some photos I took while I was in Chicago in June.
My daughter lives in Chicago and I'm there twice a year.
I'm hoping next summer to stay longer.

All these pictures were shot with my Canon PowerShot SX710 HS.
I only sized them for my blog. No other changes.
I wanted to see what they looked like without doing a lot of editing.
It was many creative settings to use.
I haven't used them all.

It has a great zoom.
This is the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.
This is the middle of the wheel where it's all connected.
See the lights?

Here is another shot of the center of the wheel.

There were tons of Sea Gulls and I was trying to get them in my shot.

Stairs going up the the carnival area of Navy Pier

Here are a couple of the creative shots from the camera.

Too funny!

We were walking to get lunch and I looked down the street and you can see the fog coming in off the lake.

Buildings at night.

Didn't realize the moon was in this one until I downloaded it off the camera.

Walking along the lake.
I love trying to get shots of the water spraying up into the air.

I was taking a picture of the lake and some birds but these two ran in front of my camera.
I love the shot.
They both are carrying their cell phones in different hands.
Look closely.
Look at the hand they are holding the cell phone with and their legs.
Whichever hand they are using that leg is in the back.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. 
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I loved my visit in Chicago years ago.. were there twice :).... I am impressed how great your photographs are.. Splendid!!!

  2. Wonderful photos, Karenliz - I especially love the ferris wheel shots.

  3. Wow! You have some fab shots there! I love those steps and the fog coming in is so eerie but beautiful! and the water sprays are great! It really is a challenge to get good shots of this,but you nailed it!! And the last photo- you could not have planned that one better!! How perfect is that ,as you said with the line up of hands,cells,arms and legs!! too cool!! Love these oh mighty camera guru!! xo


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