Monday, July 27, 2015

A Big White Blob: I just went with it.

Yes here is the blog.
It was supposed to be a fine like of white paint.
The tip of the bottle, which was old, broke off and this happened.

So I just went with it. I love it.

First, here is a list of the supplies I used.

  • 8x10 Canvas Panel. You can buy these at your local art or craft stores.
  • Gesso - Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft
  • PITT artist pens - cold grey and black
  • Gelatos - orange soda, bubble gum, red cherry, passion fruit, boysenberry, lime and margarita mix
  • Mini Circle Grid by The Crafter's Workshop - TCW203s
  • Rubber Stamp (sorry no idea who makes it)
  • 1 piece of deli paper

 Here are the steps on how I created it.

Step One: I used a palette knife to add gesso to the canvas. I love using a palette knife because it gives the canvas texture.

Step Two: I added an alphabet stamp to the background with the cold grey PITT artist pen

Step Three: I love writing or scribbles in my pieces. I used a black PITT artist pen to add my writing. Yes, it does say something but that's between me and my canvas.

 Step Four:  I started at the top and added  orange soda, bubble gum, red cherry, passion fruit, sprayed it with water and used my finger to blend the colors.  I repeated the same technique with   boysenberry, lime and margarita mix for the bottom half.

Step Five: Once the top and bottom were all blended I sprayed it again with water and layered a piece of deli paper on the top. I do this to take off some of the color. I like it to look a little distressed in places. It's like monoprinting without the plate.

This is what the deli paper looked like.

Step Six: I then used the Mini Circle Grid stencil and a baby wipe and took off more color. I chose to only do it on the one side of the canvas. 

Step Seven: I wanted to add more white in the middle of the canvas where the colors meet.  I added gesso in a fine tip bottle with a little water BUT it was an old bottle and the tip broke and put a blob of paint on the canvas instead.  So I went with and just squirted out the rest of the paint which gave me the perfect finish to my painting.

Here is a picture of the blob of paint before I show you the finished canvas. Remember there are no mistakes in art. You just go with it and you will find it wasn't a mistake at all.

Here is the finished painting.

Although you can use gel medium on top to seal the Gelatos, I use Krylon Acrylic Sealer Spray. The  Gelatos are water colors and if you add more water or something wet they will run.  I found if I take my time and spray lightly they don't run.  This piece has four layers of the sealer.

I hope you find this an easy way for your to create something special for your home.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. What a wonderful canvas and I love that blob!! And I am sure the aliens played a little part in that explosion! heehee


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