Friday, July 24, 2015

Not sure I'm liking this but ....

I'm going to show it to you anyway.
I've this finished for over a year.
In an effort to clearing out my art room, I took all my paintings and brought them out to the living room.
This was supposed to be a gift.
I shared this on my Facebook page and Instagram and many people liked it.

It never ceases to amaze me that the pieces I don't like everyone loves.

The whole thing was created with The Crafter's Workshop stencils.
You can see all of them HERE.

As you can see it was created with tons of stencils.
The butterflies are images I have that I print when I need them.
The flowers are also from a stencil (not sure which one I used) but I added to them.

Remember just because you use an image on a stencil doesn't mean you can change it.
They are a stepping stone to your creativity.

I would like to know why you like or dislike this piece.
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Thanks so much for stopping by!
Please come again.


  1. Hi Karenliz!

    I'm liking the background .... I think the girl's face color is just too similar to the background and perhaps it should be either all butterflies or all flowers as it gets confusing...OR maybe its because the flowers and butterflies are the same size?? Make the flowers larger and the butterflies smaller? or visa versa... And truly its not bad as is... definitely salvageable ... Hugs! deb

  2. This is beautiful Karenliz! I understand what you don't like about it- as your style has changes so much since you did this- but never the less- this is a stunning canvas!! xo


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