Monday, July 13, 2015

Blowing Wishes to You

Hi Everyone!
One of my favorite stencils from The Crafter's Workshop is the Number stencil.
I love numbers in my art work so this one is perfect.
I did have all the pictures to show you how I created this step by step.
BUT I accidently deleted them including the recycle bin.
I didn't realize I did it until I went back into my folder and they weren't there.
It was one of those moments you say "What was I thinking?". Nothing apparently.
I took about 20 pictures while creating this canvas.
I was so excited I actually remembered to take pictures!!
Anyway, I have these pictures and I will try to explain how I created it.
I used the paint colors shown in the picture and added the number stencil to my canvas.
You can see I added lots of layers.

I decided I wanted a dark canvas so I used Liquitex Spray Paint through the stencil and then sprayed it with water.
I do this so the paint can spread out on the canvas.
I don't use a lot. Just enough to spread and keep the stencil image.
Waited for it to dry and repeated it will another color (4 layers).
The last layer when I pulled up the stencil paint stuck to it (white blotches).
I left it that way and went with is.

I used modeling paste through the dandelion stencil (not a TCW stencil, not sure where it came from).
When it dried I used white Pan Pastel on top.
I wanted to add some sparkle so I sprayed it with water and added a little gel medium and while it was wet added glitter.
When it was dry I added a little more Pan Pastel.

Side view

Other side

Close up.

It's sealed with Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic.
I bought this in the craft store.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous!! Love those colors and now,I have to have that stencil!!

  2. Fabulous canvas, Karenliz. I love the numbers subliminally peeking through, and that dandelion stencil is terrific on there.


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