Monday, June 15, 2015

Art Journal Page to Canvas

I love this art journal page I created.
BUT I would love it as a canvas.
So I tried it.

 How did I do?


I am so happy with the results.
I used all the same colors and stencils as the journal page.

Here is how I created it and what I used.

10"x10" Stretched Canvas
Stencil: TCW505s Mini Pebble Art
Stencil: TCW549s Mini Oblong
Faber-Castell Mix and Match Color Collection Gelatos - Brights
Faber-Castell Stampers Big Brush Pen - Black
Baby Wipes
Deli Paper

My first step was to add gesso to the canvas and dry it with a heat gun.
I like to do this because I don't have any patience waiting for it to dry but also if its over heated glorious texture shows up.

I started to add color to the sides of the canvas first. 
Layer pinks, oranges and yellows.

On the front of the canvas I started with shades of the pink Gelatos.
I did add a little spray of water to help blend the colors.

I continued to add more colors.
Using the Mini Oblong stencil and baby wipes I took off some of the color leaving the stencil design.

Once I competed that I added color back in the stencil design using a different color.
If a block was in an orange section, I added pink, etc.

I sprayed the canvas with water and put deli paper on top.
I love to use it to lift off some of the color.

Here is what it looks like after the lift of the deli paper.

This step I used a circle stencil (made by me) and a Black Pitt Brush Pen to add circles to the canvas.
Before it dried I sprayed the circles with water and let it sit to dry.

The black Pitt Pen starts to spread a little on the canvas.

Using a baby wipe again, I used the Mini Pebble Art stencil to lift off the Gelatos to make my pattern on the canvas. 

Here is a close up.

Here is my finished piece.
I just love the bright colors.
I sealed with the Krylon Acrylic Sealer Spray on it.
Gelatos will run when it's wet so I took my time and sprayed a light coating and waited for it to dry and then added another coat. 

This is only 10x10.
Wonder what it would look like even larger.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Love the fact that you used the journal page as a springboard to the canvas, and with such dynamite results!


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