Saturday, January 19, 2013

Art Journal - Quick and Easy Texture

Today's art journal page for Julie's Art Journal Every Day is quick and easy. I worked late but needed to wind down and my art room is where I can leave all my stress behind. All I used is a Crafters Workshop stencil and gesso for the background, scraps of bits on the table, Liquitex Acrylic Ink and a rubber stamp.  It only took 20 minutes and it made me feel better.

Click picture to see it larger
Sometimes less is more! I love the simplicity of it.  Here is a close up.
Also, I received a couple of questions on what paper or journals I use for my pages. As you can see from the blurry picture I use many kinds of journals.  I started with Strathmore Mixed Media journals, then started using my old calendars and any other book I can find. The large journal with the purple binder is actually an old leather bound photo album where you have to use photo corners to add in the pictures. The paper in that is wonderful and it's one of my favorites. Right now my other favorites are watercolor paper or mixed media journals (Cranson) because they can take all the paint, sprays and modeling paste.  The Cranson journals are perforated and rip out very easy. I have taken some of my pages and framed them for gifts. As you can see there are all shapes and sizes and there really isn't any method to my madness. There are a few that are designated for collage or pan pastels but now I mixed all the mediums together. I hope this answers your questions.  Any more questions, just ask.
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  1. I, too, love the simplicity of this page. I love the texture and the contrast of turquoise against white. Lovely!

  2. Hi just found you via the journalling linkup on Blazer Designs! love this page, now following as keen to see what you do next! come over and say hi, this blogger link probably will take you to my family blog, my art blog is here on wordpress xxxxxx

  3. I am totally loving your "less is more" look! Some days I feel like going nuts and some days I am in the less is more mood!

  4. Short and sweet. Very effective. Love the final outcome.

    a Willowing friend


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