Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OMG! I Scrapbooked!

I'm amazed myself. I never scrapbook at all.  My head tells me there are too many rules in scrapbooking. I know there aren't any rules but when I start I freeze. When when my daughter was little I didn't have a digital camera. I don't even remember if they were that popular or around. We used disposable cameras and I am terrible at getting them developed. Well, I found a box full of undeveloped film. I know the film is old and some of the pictures may not even come out but I need to get it developed. You can tell by the pictures they are old and if we waited any longer I might not even have them. 

We didn't have a pool and my daughter wanted to be in the water. Looking in the basement I found this big red bucket. We used it for ice and drinks at picnics. She was tall and skinny so she was able to squeeze in.

We are not sure how old she is in this picture. We are guessing she's 8 years old but not sure! This is what happens when you don't develop pictures right away. She's 23 now!

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I don't scrapbook but I love the inks on the page.
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  1. hahaha I love it! Plus we figured out I was around 11.


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