Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love Color

My favorite color is purple and thats one color I have a had time using in any project. I do try to use it on Halloween pieces but it doesn't always work out.  This journal page I decided to use purple and whatever shade worked. 

I love templates/stencils and own quite a few of them. I keep any that are 8x8 and smaller in the individual sleeves of a scrapbook album.  Its so easy to flip through the scrapbook papes and pick one. The scrapbook album full of templates/stencils travels well too.  Any that are larger than 8x8 I have hanging on one wall in my art room.   See my art room wall below. You can see up towards the top in a blue font where the templates/stencils are hanging.

The one thing that I love to do is keep certain items to use as templates/stencils. All those who use grungeboard and buy the sets for letters, numbers or seasons, etc., keep the board once you punch out them all  out. I use what is left as a template/stencil. Thats how I made the background on this journal page.

The background was made with the grungeboard set with letters in two different sizes and spray inks. I was going to do something over the page with music and dictionary paper but changed my mind and tore it off. I love what stayed on the page.

Remember anything can be a template/stencil!!!

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  1. This is so fun, I know what you mean about purple. I have the hardest time working with it.

  2. That is so interesting. I love all the colors.


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