Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have been making art by my moods lately. Do you do that?  This week for some reason has been frustrating.  Not sure why.  It could be that in work I have a lot to do; my never ending to do list; changes, changes and more changes; who knows!  When I am in a mood I love to be by myself; to hear myself think.  Lets face it I'm alone taking to myself trying to figure things out.  BUT I love it. Solitude gives me so much including answers.

Here is a 5x5 stretched canvas that started with blue acrylic paint and black trees made with modeling paste, black acrylic paint and a Crafters Workshop Template.  Do you ever have those moments when your brain and hands don't work well together?  That's what happened with this canvas.  But an accidental spilling of paint and knocking over a pile of pictures on the floor is when this canvas came together.  I found the solitary bird in a tree and spilled a little white paint on my canvas.  With extra paint; baby wipes and the picture my hands and brain were finally working together.

I wanted to portray solitude and I think it worked. 

How would Solitude look to you?

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  1. wow- wow - WOW!! I hope this is hanging on your wall. It is GORGEOUS!


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