Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art and Sanity

There are times that I'm so stressed out just sitting in my art room relieves my stress. I walk in close the door behind me sit behind my table and look around at everything on the walls, the furniture and the mess on the floor and some of the stress just melts away.  Picking up my art journals and just writing about the stress or just scribbling all over the page is a great stress relief.  The quote on this canvas is perfect and one of my favorites.

This is a 5x7 canvas that I had sitting around for a few weeks. I added the bricks with a crafters workshop template and modeling paste. I also used modeling paste here and there on the canvas for extra texture.  I already had the flower made sitting my table waiting to be used so I used those colors on the canvas.  The canvas is colored with Pan Pastels.

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  1. Very pretty. Love the saying - both what it says and the way it compliments your masterpiece! :D

  2. I absolutely love that quote! I also really like the pattern on the petals of the flower.


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