Saturday, March 17, 2012


I take many photographs of miscellaneous things especially on vacation. I think it's because its just different scenery.  I really have a hard time finding something at home or in town or anywhere near me to photograph. I really need to try to challenge myself to do it.  Anyway, I take at least 5 to 10 words with me and take a photograph to represent each word. Its very challenging but I really love to do it.  On a trip to Chicago one of my words was solitude.

I found this bird sitting all alone in this tree and thought it was perfect for the word.  At the time I made up this challenge just take pictures not knowing that someday I would love art journals.  If you haven't tried this type of photo challenge you really should! It's so much fun. Oh and the grid behind the picture it's another fav of mine! It's cement tape just like dry wall tape but used for cement. Very cool and inexpensive! 

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