Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Journal Every Day - Two Journals, Two Different Styles

Today I have two art journal pages to show you for Art Journal Every Day with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  As I was perusing my local craft store I found a Strathmore Visual Journal in their sale racks for $2! I did dig a little hoping to find more but that was it. I love photography but scrapbooking it not my favorite thing to do. I want to use more of my photos so I chose this journal to use.  I was amazed at my pages. They are so different from each other.  Both have lots of inks, sprays, stamps but used in different ways. I really love how the photo journal is starting out. 

Here is the first page of my photo journal.

This is page is from my other journal. I think it's page 26 of the journal.

To me it looks like two different people made these pages. What do you think?  Are they both my style?  I love both. I'm loving my photo journal.  I'm in the process of going through all my pictures and printing them out. I can't wait to do more pages.  I'm not sure if the photo journal will end up being like a scrapbook or just pictures and quotes or a mix.  I think I won't plan anything for the journal. I will just choose a picture and make a page. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. I must say, Karen, that both pages look like your style to me! It will be interesting to see how your photography journal develops. I know you've taken some neat photos.

  2. I love both pages, very different colors and feel to them. I really like your idea of a photo journal - I'm not a scrapbooker either, but I'd like to incorporate more photos in my work as well. Great idea!

  3. I love both pages! They're amazing!


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