Friday, March 9, 2012

Minimalism is so hard!

Hello! I have another page to show you from my new art journal. I have been working on minimalism and finding it a challenge. It really has changed my style a little but I think I like it. Working on a pages talking to myself saying less is more, less is more, is funny and I almost stamped that on the page but worth it. I realized that some pages can have lots going on with paints, inks, stamps, paper and embellishments but with photographs you need to make them the star.

What do you think? The paper is Basic Grey scraps. I'm not sure on the name of the paper pack. It's been used quite often and not much left of it. The pic of tulips was taken in Chicago on the Magnificient Mile in front of the Wrigley Building.

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  1. Really pretty! I love the circles dancing around your tulip photo. I agree, trying something new is pretty tough. I tend to fall somewhere between minimalism and clutter in my art, so I'm still struggling with crusade 61, being not sure how little is too little!

  2. Love this page and the colours are fantastic
    x catherine


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