Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A New Collage: Mellow Yellow

I love collage. I like going through all the bits and pieces of paper I've saved. There are times where I just dump out my scrap drawer and find pieces for collages. I put them in separate envelopes so I can use them in the future. Sometimes I just dump them right back in the drawer because I don't like the combination anymore.

This collage I decided to create a background using white and yellow acrylic paints and a stencil called Tuscan Floral by The Crafters Workshop. My collages usually have lots of negative space but this time I didn't want to leave the background all white.

Next I took my pieces and auditioned them to decide where I wanted them. The yellow flower is actually the bottom of a water bottle. I tried to use it to create some stamped flowers but it didn't work that way I had hoped.  The blue and yellow papers are scrapbook paper, dry wall tape (holes), and two other pieces of scrap paper.

There are so many pieces I keep that I do go through it and throw some of it away. I know I can hear some of her screaming NOOOOOOOOOO!  When this drawer is to full to close, I go through it all.
Here it is finished. The bee I think was part of a piece of scrapbook paper but I've had him forever so I'm not sure. Oh, the two little greenish circles on the left is bubble wrap. See I keep way too much!!!

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