Friday, April 7, 2017

The Gathering of Birds

I love birds. When it's warmer outside I love to sit with a cup of tea Sunday mornings and listen to all the birds.  Stencils with birds I gravitate to all the time.

For this Yupo painting I used a new stencil from The Crafters Workshop called Bird Gathering

The Crafter's Workshop provided me with stencils and mediums to create this project.
The opinions I share are solely my own because I do love to use them.

I used heavy weight Yupo this time and I love it. I used TCW modeling paste on it with lots of paints.  Here is what it looked like before I changed it completely. 

I love the way the birds seem to disappear into the background but my hands and heart were going for something else.

So I added more birds and paint and changed the feel of the painting.  Here is the bird from the picture above.

I added more texture to the background which made it look like swirls of wind or something like that. I also started to like the light shade and added more white. 

Here's the final piece.

I can't wait to get this one framed.
Although I want to start selling my art I keep falling in love with it.
Do you have that problem too?

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  1. Oh Karenliz, how this painting takes flight. It's purely delightful, and gives a feeling of effortlessness. I LOVE it. xo

  2. Beautiful Karenliz!
    Love how you brought the birds up out of the darkness to the bright,blue sky! xo
    ps...and yes, you do have a problem-heehee don't we all!

  3. they look like they are floating on an updraft! Super cool and I enjoy seeing the change from earlier to final!!


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