Friday, April 21, 2017


Hi Everyone.
Tax season part 1 is over but all the work you push to the side to get tax returns done is now a huge pile. Post-It Notes Art will probably continue.
Here are the last ones I created. The bottom right that is not finished but I lost my muse a bit so I left it alone.
You can see my little circle stencil that I used in some of my Post-It Note art. I just used a two-hole punch to punch the hole. I may design a few little hole stencils for my next Post-It Note art creation. You use what's available in the office.
 Also, see the mats I used under each note.
Here are a couple of mats. You never know they may turn into art too!
That's it for now.
I'm sure there will be more.
I'm enjoying the small size.
See any you like or gives you inspiration for your next art creation?
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. You are too funny Karenliz! We may have to start calling you doodle girl! heehee
    Glad to hear round one is done! xx

  2. I think all artists & crafters need to take these step-out-of-the-routine 'exercises' periodically to flex their creative psyches. Glad you've taken time to do more of this tiny note art and to blog it!! One of my first cousins, an artist, has a gallery show coming up so she challenged herself last week to create a painting each day. She did some amazing canvases and I think she surprised herself with the time limitations. So this is a very good thing you've done & thanks for sharing this aspect of your artistic journey!

  3. I'm so enjoying your post-it-notes art. I think you may have created another trend, as I just went out to get some. Many thanks for all your frenzied fun; I think in the first photo the one on the bottom right is awesome as is, by the way!!


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