Thursday, March 12, 2015

Working Full Time and Creating behind

Working full time sometimes keeps me out of my art room.
I work for a tax accountant and it's tax season.
I'm actually in my art room almost every night but later than usual.
The hardest part is wanting to create something but I'm so tired I'm falling asleep at the table.
Or trying to edit pictures to post and can't stay awake.
I know funny!
Tax season is the only time I fall a little bit behind on creating art, editing pictures, mailings, and posting to this blog.
I may luck out and not have to work this weekend. Only time will tell.
Since I have no edited pictures to show you any of my art, I leave you with this art journal page I created last year for tax season.
I may post it every year!
Stay tuned art is on the way!
Thanks so much for your patience as I play catch up.

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