Sunday, March 1, 2015

Art Journal Play Time with New TCW Stencils!

My god-daughter, Cassidy, and I had a wonderful weekend playing with The New 2015 Crafter's Workshop Stencils. You can see them all HERE.

The best place to play with new stencils is my art journals.
I have no step by step but I will list all the stencils we used (that I remember) with links at the end.

Here is my journal page.

For the top of her head I used scraps.
I keep all sorts of pieces of paper and I'm trying to get rid of them.
Here is a close up.

The tulips at the top is a photograph I took in Chicago.
The rest are just scraps I keep for that special occasion.

Here is Cassidy's page.

Before you ask, the fairy stencil I bought in Hobby Lobby (Two Fairies).
It was the last one and I gave it to her so I don't know who manufactured it.

Here is the list of new stencils we used from The Crafter's Workshop.

I'm am linking this to Balzer Designs Art Journal Every Day

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  1. I looked to see who manufactured the fairy stencil and on the packaging it says Show Offs. and on the back it has the Hobby Lobby website so maybe it is a Hobby Lobby brand. ;)


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