Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Time brought to you by Stencil Aliens

Hi Everyone!  Tax season is almost over.
Thought I would post something quick before I head into work.
I think I used almost ever stencil I had for the background.
My stencil aliens kept pushing me to use more and more.
I think they must have taken over.
I lost all track of time.
There were stencils on the floor
on my table
on my book shelves
under my table (they are very slippery on a rug)
the list can go on and on.
In honor of Spring and little bit of warmer weather, here is Spring Time.
12x12 cradled wood
Tons of acrylic paints
Butterfly images
Head on over to The Crafter's Workshop to see them all!
I know I'm not the only one with stencil aliens.
Who else out there has them?
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Spring



  1. Karen, so glad to see you still can create so beautifully even though your head is probably jammed with numbers! Beautiful piece and the layers make it!

  2. She's fabulous. Had to laugh at using almost every stencil... I know how that goes!


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