Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Frozen Birthday!

Someone at work asked me to make a special birthday card for her granddaugther's fifth birthday. Her granddaughter loves Disney's new movie Frozen hence the theme for her party. I was very excited because the movie is so cute. I love it.

I love to fussy cut and make lots of layers and include the child's face in the card. Someone asked me if I sell these types of cards. My answer is no.  With all the time involved in making these types of cards, no one would be able to afford them.  I just love creating them and it's fun.  Making them to sell is pressure that I don't want and it wouldn't be fun anymore.  This was a gift.

This card took me from start to finish 18 hours.  I enjoyed every minute!

This card is 5.25 x 5.25 on heavy matt board with an easel attached to the back. I always believe the front of any card is the best part why add the extra paper.  The background was created with stamps, acrylic paints, and glitter.  Each layed piece was printed numerous times so that I can add layers.

Looking below you can see the layers and glitter.

Her face was not digitally put into the picture. I resized her face and fussy cut the hair. I added a little crystal at the end of her braid.

Here is another shot of the other side showing the layers for the mountains.  If you notice even the little snowy patches have layers.  Thank goodness for eye glasses!!!

Another shot of the mountains.

This is the back. I used a stencil from The Crafters Workshop for the back with distress inks and re-inkers.  I added the movie title on the back for future reference.

The child's mom displays all the cards I have made for her children. They are not put away in a box or thrown away. It's nice to know someone appreciates a handmade gift. I had a blast making it. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.
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  1. An amazing card, Karen. No wonder the Mom displays it on an easel!!!!


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