Friday, January 17, 2014

Perception and My Injured Arm

Hi Everyone! Just a quick post today. I pulled the muscles in my upper right arm and have been in lots of pain. The Orthopedist said it's just musclular and didn't do anything to my shoulder. I am right-handed to it's been hard not to use it. I work on a computer all day and by the time I can get home its pretty sore.  Thank goodness for pain patches! 

I've been taking it easy the last few days. At first I was stressed I couldn't do anything in my art room but then changed the way I was thinking. I have been using the time to read art books that I bought and never read. WOW I should have read them a long time ago.  With a list of ideas and techniques, I can't wait to get in there but I still have more books to read!!!

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  1. Sorry you hurt your arm, but love the change in perspective. It's something like what I'm needing myself right now.


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