Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Face with Stencils

Today I have a mixed media piece that I made on a 8" x 10" mixed media board. I love the way it came out. Lots of bright colors.  I used acrylic paints, paper and these stencils.

TCW408 Shattered Circles

TCW384 Well-Rounded
TCW413 Three-Quarter
As you can see on the profile stencil she has more hair but I decided not to use it. Once I finished the background and added her to the board I stopped working on it for a couple of days.  I found some great paper scraps that I used to punch circles and added that to her head. It sat for a couple days more until I knocked over some papers on my table and found a few pages of butterfly images. I think it's done for the most part. I will tweak it here and there and then I will frame it.

You can see all the paper circles here.

I didn't realize the butterfly on her neck had the same color combination.

You can see all the detail on the paper circles; lots of textures and I drew in the antenna on each butterfly.

Now to find a frame which will be hard to do because I don't want to flatten out the butterflies. I will post a picture of it when I'm done.

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  1. You GO girl. Her hair is amazing and I love that burst of color on her right eye.


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