Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Birthday Tea Party

This card is for a first birthday. I get asked to make birthday cards where I incorporate their picture in the scene. I actually love doing it. It takes me quite a few days to figure out what I want to do. It's nice when there is not a theme or a favorite character they like because them I'm free to do anything. 

I have tons of vintage images and found this one of a little girl and two of her friends having a tea party in a birds nest with curious little fairies watching.  I added the birthday girl's head and extra leaves in scene and around the card. I print two copies of the scense and cut out characters or other images to add for dimension. I always leave the inside blank so they can write their own birthday greetings.

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  1. The card is absolutely adorable, KarenLiz, and what a keepsake. I love your mixed media work too, you inspired me to try my hand at an art journal and I am enjoying the process a lot! I miss you on the MB, but you are certainly keeping busy!

    BTW - I was in Chicago 11/23-11/26!


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