Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sooooooo Bored

At work on Friday is was so quiet and by the afternoon there were only two of us. I didn't have very much work and I was on the first floor all by myself.  I was so bored.  All I can think of was what I can do in my art room.  Then a light bulb went off. I don't have any supplies with me but what can I use.  The only thing installed on the computers is Paint. It's one of those programs that no one really uses and it's not exactly state of the art.  Here are two pieces I completed.

Delight in the Beauty of Every Day Blessings
The one below is called Three Friends. I love this one. I don't know why. I think its because they are so abstract I guess.

Three Friends
I might give this a try again. Like a said its not state of the art but it does make you have to think about what you can use to create a picture. There are not very many tools.
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