Thursday, August 29, 2013

Red is Not My Color!

Today I have a shadow box to show you. This creation took a long time to do. Do you ever get a wonderful idea and start it then before you are finished it's not turning out they way you thought it would? Well, that's what happened here BUT now that it's done I do love it.

I found these wonderful shadow box frames at Red Lead Paperworks. They are unfinished so you can do whatever you want with them. Plus they are only 6x6; my perfect size. To add something to the front I used the Ledger stencil (TCW267) and modeling paste and once dried I painted it a dark red. That's where I stopped. Red is just not my color and I don't use it very often unless its mixed with other colors.

So I decided to add another color to the frame, gold, which is not my color either.  I also found this piece of card stock and thought it would look okay but then it sat for days on my table.

Sitting at my table I pulled out my box of bits and found all these little pieces that would fit in perfect including the paper roses.  
Red and gold may not be my colors but it was a good challenge to work outside my comfort zone. I love it now.
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