Sunday, March 3, 2013

Would she slap me silly?

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When consider doing something foolish, ask yourself this:
if I told my best friend about this, would she slap me silly?
Your Inner Bitch knows you already know this answer.
From daily calendar: Getting In Touch with Your Inner Bitch
by Elizabeth Hilts
When I read this I had to laugh. Almost every Wednesday night I go to what we call Ladies Night. A night with girl friends, good food, wine, laughs, tears, and just a good time. There are times where we are all frustrated and need to talk, other times just funny stories or new and exciting news.  There are many times where we are thinking of doing something or thinking something foolish. We voice it and realize we may just get slapped silly.
The background on this page was something I started but never did anything with. I just squeeze some acrylic paints on the page and then book for an ink blog look.  The white blocks are made with a stencil and gesso spray paint. I want to use spray paint on projects but before I buy some colors I decided that gesso would be a great start. I think I'm hooked. I am now saving up for some spray paints.  The letters amount the outside of the pages are orange paper that I had sprayed with black ink through a stencil.
It was a quick page. I also found I love the color of blue and orange together so that might be a new color combo you may see more often.
I'm going to link to Art Journal Every Day. You should see all the wonderful pages. Julie has a guest post by Janine Mattis who shows you had to make acrylic paint sprays. I didn't realize that you needed a binder like Mod Podge in it. I have to add that ingredient to all my sprays.
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  1. I absolutely love this!! It's so cool looking!! You should frame this! I love that quote too!


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