Friday, March 8, 2013

It begins with courage

Tim Holtz is hosting a Tattered Floral Challenge and I decided to join the challenge.  When I first tried to think of something to create my mind went blank. I would look and look at the tattered floral die and still nothing until I spied a mixed media board on my shelf. I have a shelf of boards and canvases that I start but then I just can't finish either because I'm stuck or it's just not turning out like I thought it would.  I started this board with the tattered floral die a long time ago. I cut the flowers out of white corrugated paper and attached them to the board with gel medium along with little pieces of wire, clips, washers, and gears.  Once they were all attached I added more gel medium on top and waited for it to dry.

I put the color on in many layers. I watched you tube video of a mixed media artist where she adds color, waits for it to dry partially then goes to the sink and wipes some of it off. This is how I added the color. Layers of acrylic paint in robin's egg blue, aqua, black, and turquoise. You have to wait for each layer to dry before continuing so it does take time. I tried to do this same technique with baby wipes but it uses too many wipes. 

I took cardboard and painted, tore, stamped and collage it and attached it to the board. I used a grungeboard heart to add a pop of color. 

Here it is all framed.

And without a frame so you can see all the layers.
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  1. Love the flowers in the background. Clever!
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    Best of luck in the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals challenge.


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