Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playing with Matchboxes, sort of

One of the many blogs I read is Michelle Ward. I love her art work. It's so inspirational to me. In one post she was playing with matchboxes, painting and inserting them in a canvas. You can see her post HERE with instructions.  I love the way it looks and decided to try it.  The only problem I had was that I didn't have matchboxes like hers but I did have some small boxes and I used the lids.  When I measured the box and cut the opening I was doing two things at once and I cut the opening to large. Thank goodness for glue and a few supplies because now I can't tell the opening was a problem. 

The canvas was originally gray and to add color I used a credit card and my fingers. Here is a close up of the little box. 
I used alcohol inks to color the crystal leaves and flower. I have had these in my stash for a while so I'm not sure where I picked them up. First I stamped a background stamp on paper and tore it up in pieces and collaged it on the box. I added the sky, clouds, flowers and wooden bird to make a scene. In my stash I have about a dozen tiny boxes in all shapes and sizes so I have lots of ideas for more projects!
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