Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you have a New Year's Resolution?

I don’t!  Like many people, I have tried to make resolutions but they come and go just as quickly as I came up with them.  In 2010 I decided to come up with a word; a word that I can live by in some sort of way instead of a resolution.  I came up with five words: Go Outside My Comfort Zone.

On the Paper Wishes Message Board there is a new challenge to find your word and put it into an art form.   I never thought of doing that for myself.  I do it all the time for my daughter.  It made me look back on this year with my words and see if I did live by my words.

Let’s take a look!

My paper art – I love art.  My mother use to say that she had this need to create something every day just by sitting anywhere and draw.  Over the last three years I truly know what she means. When I can’t get into my craft room it’s hard for me to concentrate and focus. My mind is in that room and reading many of my favorite blogs doesn’t help!  My art has always been for me. I only have a few people that I make things for because I know they appreciate it.  Most of my art doesn’t see the like of day. This year I put my art up in online communities like Paper Wishes Message Board and  It’s nice to meet people from all over the world who love paper like I do.  I’m not crazy and don’t need to go to Crafters Anonymous!

My photography – I love to take pictures.  I always have a camera with me no matter where I go. My family and friends know that if they don’t have a camera with them I do.  Prior to 2010 I joined a camera club and even entered my photographs into competition. I actually won a few first places. I still continue to enter competitions but I’m having a hard time getting behind my camera.

A blog – I started this blog.  Mostly just to try it and see what happens. It’s a work in progress. I’m still struggling with quite a few things. I still don’t understand blog hops and challenges but the New Year is approaching and it’s time to try a few more things outside my comfort zone.

The Gym – I gained weight and felt terrible. I knew I wasn’t doing anything at home. I couldn’t get motivated. I would sit in my craft room instead of walking or doing an exercise DVD.  How many exercise DVDs do you have?  I won’t lie I have quite a few.  I just wasn’t doing anything.  The gym was always taboo for me.  Working out and having people watching me?  Not me!  In February I decided to try it.  I walked into Planet Fitness signed on the dotted line and even made an appointment with a trainer.   Four days a week and once a week with a trainer and I’ve lost lots of inches and 25 pounds.  The most important thing is that I love the gym.  It keeps me focused, it helps alleviate stress, and lifting weights is an amazing feeling.  Just call me a gym rat!

Now I’m thinking of my new word or words. It’s hard this time. There are lots of changes coming in 2011. Some are happy and some are sad but mostly happy.  I know I will definitely come up with a collage.  It will be something big enough to hang on the wall to look at but what word?  

I’ve got it!  It’s more than one word again.  “Go with the flow!” or something in that direction. I’m not always good with changes; I can dwell on things too much or think too much and end up not doing it and upsetting myself. We all have our faults.  I believe these words are more than just taking one step at a time.  For me it means don’t get upset or frustrated, just let it all happen, see where things take me. Maybe, just maybe, it will be an extraordinary year! 

I hope your New Year is extraordinary and exciting!


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  1. Karenliz:

    It sounds like you definitely kept to your 2010 phrase. I'm glad you were able to go outside your comfort zone this year for some things. There is nothing more rewarding than satisfying personal challenges and goals that you set for yourself. I hope 2011 is also a wonderful year for you.

    Keep on creating lady! You work is extraordinary. :)

    Jen :D


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