Friday, March 24, 2017


How many of you have unfinished creations laying around in different places?  Most of mine end of on the floor, propped up on a piece of furniture or laying under a table drying, etc. 

There is always a piece of art somewhere. Mostly unfinished.  Usually that's why they are unfinished because my head, hands and heart can't go any further.

Today's post I'm going to share with you what's on my floor.
I thought it would be fun to share it because I use the floor all the time. My next post you'll actually see my floor but for now these creations are there now.

This collage I started by stamping on tissue paper. I'm loving the way it looks. I may not cover over it. Just seal and hang it.  That's why it's on the floor, I can't decide.

 This is a piece of Yupo I stamped it with archival inks and rubber stamps. The stamp set is called Flower Garden by Tim Holtz.
I used high flow acrylics to color them. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. It's an odd shaped piece of Yupo. I'm really good at painting over and starting again.

What do you see in this painting?
A monster?
A fish?
A monster fish?
On Instagram someone asked if I can see the arm and fist.
I can see it. Can you?
I'm definitely leaving this one as is.
It's a great conversation piece.

Thank you for stopping by!
What do you have all over your art space floor?


  1. I love all these pieces, Karenliz although it's the tissue collage that truly speaks to me. Like you, I have stacks of paintings drifting through the studio and up the stairwell, waiting for further inspiration, painting over, or a decision to gift/sell/hang. Painting over is a constant, I must say! :D

  2. you have many artistic moods/styles and I would venture to say that they offer snippets into your brain & soul into what makes you--you.


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