Saturday, November 21, 2015

uP cLoSe AnD pErSoNaL

For me, as an artist, the hardest part of creating art is letting someone have or buy one of my paintings.

My art are like children each created differently.
Can't be duplicated.
So it's hard to let them go.

I love looking at close-ups of my paintings.
The layers and brush strokes or in this case brayer strokes give me more inspiration.

Most of the time I paint intuitively.
I lose complete track and time.

This year I let four paintings go for a good cause.
They were put in a raffle.
It felt good.
It felt even better that those who won my paintings actually loved them.
Yes, I was afraid no one would like them.
I may let more go to new homes.

My mother was an artist.
Although she's no longer with us, she's my biggest fan along with my daughter, of course.
Sometimes she had a hard time letting her art go.

This is one of her paintings called The Ugly Duckling.
She painted this piece by a photograph she took.
She worked full time and during her lunch time she took pictures for inspiration.

This was damaged during an art show.
It started to rain and she didn't get it out of the rain fast enough so it's a little water damaged.

These small paintings I have in my house.

This one was painted on black paper with only white paint.
She loved painting animals.

When she started selling her art again, she wanted to find something different that she can sell but didn't take a lot of time to create.

She started painting on milk bottle caps.

My father would wash the caps, sand the inside of the cap, and glue the magnet in place before she started to paint each one.
She started selling them at the church's craft show.
People loved them so much they would come to church on Sunday giving her baggies full of caps.
She even painted special orders.
Customers would give her photographs of their pets.
This was the first one she tried.
This was my dog, Heidi, as a puppy.

As you can see her art work was amazing.

Have you sold your art?
Was it hard to let it go?
Where do you sell your art?

Inquiring minds want to know!
Me too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I can't wait to read your comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing these memories of your Mom and her art work- as I said the first time I saw these- she was truly gifted and talented- and her little apple did not fall far from her tree! xo

  2. your mom was an amazing talent!! my mom used to paint porcelain when I was little - I still can remember the smell when she was mixing her pigments. I just adore the grey, white, black art piece/canvas by you! it is gorgeous!!! xxx, Sanna


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