Monday, November 2, 2015

SCRAPTOBERFEST 2015 - Celebrates 10 Years!

Scraptoberfest 2015
Celebrates 10 Years!!!!

My cousin, Leah, started this event 10 years ago.
I don't think she ever thought it would be this successful.

Scraptoberfest is a breast cancer event to raise money for immediate needs for those with breast cancer such as wigs, prosthesis, etc.  No money go towards research it goes directly to those brave fighters of this awful disease.

This event is a 12 hour scrapbooking event.
Many participants have been coming to the event for all 10 years which is amazing.
Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are served.
Lots of raffle prizes.
I even put in four piece of my art in the raffle (scary).

The best part is everything from food, raffle prizes, t-shirts, etc., is donated. 
100% - no out of pocket for anything.

I thought I would share some pictures from the event.
Thank you Leah for some of the pictures!

Here is the room all ready for the next day.

All the raffle prizes. We had over a 100 raffle prices all donated.
Plus door prizes for everyone.

Everyone scrapping away.

Everyone received a pack of assorted scrapbooking papers, pencil and the information about the day.

Judy and Jaime from the Great American Stamp Store.

The set up crew!

I thought I was smiling!
My table crew (Miriam Bull, Me, Brenda Hector (sister).

The volunteers received these really cool t-shirts which were different from everyone else.
It was easier for everyone to spot us.
All the participants want these next year.

We also had Anna Zap and her daughters visit us.
She's a big deal in my neck of the woods. 

Here are my pieces of art I put in for the raffle.

Judy was so excited to win this.
Judy's store was the only store around that I can buy rubber stamps.
I've been buying from Judy for over 20 years!

My sister, Brenda, won this one.
I also made cards to match.

This was one was in the raffle too. 
I had it framed.

Here is Leah and Rose getting ready to raffle my last painting.

Our cancer survivors.
Celebrations all around!

Can't celebrate without a cake!

Every year I buy a seat so I can make cards not scrapbook pages.
This year I did do some running around here and there.
12 hours - 3 hours volunteer duties
9 hours left.
All I created were these two cards.
I talk too much.

This one took time to complete.
The little witch is my great great niece, Zoey.
I had to print her picture out twice.
One to give her a shade of green and the other to create her witch's outfit.

It was an amazing day.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. What a fabulous event and lucky you to be part of it! Tell your cousin Kudos for bringing to life such a worthy event!

    I am so glad you posted that lil card for your niece! I think it is a hoot! Can you imagine what she will say when she is older! haahaa



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