Monday, August 17, 2015

My Art Room and New Journal Cover

Hi Everyone!

I'm still in the process of reorganizing my art room.
I'm trying to use August to get it where I feel it's more efficient.

Purging things I don't want and moving things I don't use that often has been eye opening.
I realized my direction in art has changed.

I pulled out those things I don't use as often and took over the dining closet.
I have a little mail room set up in the closet now too.
I can finally find what I need to put art in the mail.

I'm stuck now.
It's a small room and I still feel closed in.
I may have to move the furniture around now.
When I'm done I will post a video.

I finished a journal cover.
I've been into black, white and silver.
Here is a close up of the cover.

I used three stencils from The Crafter's Workshop.
TCW529s Ravenscape
TCW541s Believe Script
TCW472s Persian Gate

Liquitex Modeling Paste
Glass beads, frame, jewelry pieces
Imaginecrafts Metallic Medium in Silver

This frame, flower buttons and the hummingbird is what started me with the idea for the cover.

I started with creating the background first leaving space for the frame.
This is the completed cover.

I still have to complete the spine and the back cover.
I will just mimic the front cover minus the frame.
I would like to start to teach using stencils so this will be used for my ideas.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Karelia, I've been working on streamlining my studio space too, for fivE weeks or so. New Cube units are in place and things on shelves, anD now WorkIng with it a bit to see how I want Everything. It is a process, foR sure! Love your joUrial cover.

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of this, it is scrummy cool! x

  3. looking forward to seeing photos of that room!!
    Great work so far on this journal Karenliz! Definitely teaching- yes, lets talk more soon!! ")


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