Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don't Lose Your Muchness!!!!

This art is a blast from the past and a perfect time to post it again.
I'm still in the process of reorganizing my art room.
It's been nice finding things I thought were lost or I threw them out.
Plus it's given me some new inspiration and another look at my art.
Taking time away from my blog except for a few posts here and there has been great.
Don't get me wrong I love to blog but sometimes I need to just step back.
Some artists say it's a bad thing, no blog posts, no nothing.
If you follow me on Instagram (Karenliz Henderson), I have not been idle.
I'm creating lots.
If you don't follow me, please do!!!
The movie Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp is my all time favorite movie when I'm in a need of inspiration.  All the characters, the story and all the colors are amazing.
Before I left for my art retreat I thought I was bonkers.
The weekend before I left I was at a picnic and there were many who asked how my art was going, am I still doing arts and crafts, asking to see pictures, etc.
There were quite a few people who just don't get the joke my craft room is worth more than my house.
Why would I want to do this all the time, etc.
As the day went on I starting questioning why and started to feel embarrassed about my art.
I was at a picnic where half the guests just don't get it. 
Am I crazy?
I was losing my self confidence or losing something.
My daughter helped me find it.
There are many people who won't get what I'm doing.
There are many people who support and love what I'm creating.
Being an artist can be lonely BUT art retreats and workshops help me meet people just like me.
And my daughter said, "But Mom creating art makes you happy".
She's right. It makes me very happy.
I get excited to walk into my art room and  get my hands messy.
I was forgetting my happiness.
If you are struggling with your art, get out of your studio go to a workshop, an art retreat, walk around the art store and talk to others in the store. Strike up a conversation asking why they are buying that product or what they use it for. You will be amazed after talking to them for a few brief minutes that you found someone who loves art just like you.
You are not alone!
Love you Kaylyn!
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  1. Never loose your Muchness- I have lots of Muchness as well as will always share with you!! My artista friend and sista! xoxo
    by the way, very cool pieces- I love that movie as well!!

  2. I've always loved your alice art. I still have that second one!
    I love you too mom! I'm glad I helped. <3

  3. Karenliz: we first crossed paths many years ago doing swaps and challenges with Paper Wishes message board, so, no you aren't crazy or alone. Ups or downs, we both continue to create. My crafting area has expanded and takes up much of the basement!! And I'm not apologizing!

  4. That's a fabulous couple of pieces, Karenliz, and I know that you're not alone in the need to create to be happy. It's a compulsion in this studio too!


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